Full Moon in Virgo

The second full moon of the year arrives on February 27th. This Full Moon in Virgo (as it falls on the sign of Virgo) is also known as the Full Snow Moon (a name drawn from Native American folklore as the Full Moon that occurs during this time typically signaled a month of heavy snow).

“While Earth Virgo offers warm and comforting energy, the more unconventional and emotional souls out there can tend to feel overwhelmed by Virgo’s notoriously critical nature. As the energetic peak of the current lunation, tensions will be running high and the undercurrents and themes since the last New Moon will come to the surface.”


This means that, during this particular full moon, it’s important to be conscious of the energy you are inviting in. Explore your moon sign (that rules our inner self). Don’t fill up your schedule or feed into self-neglect. It’s time to focus on you. Instead, channel Virgo’s productive vibes to start or elevate your self care. Rock a self care to do list (because Virgos LOVE lists). Add an item to your list that you’ve been pushing to the side.

Let this Full Moon in Virgo energize you. We’re almost facing Spring so do some spring cleaning. Prepare for the change of season. Get rid of things you don’t want to take with you in the new season. Let go of the negative: grudges, stress, toxic people, and so on. You want to invite a new vibration in with Spring.

Want insight during this Full Moon in Virgo? Here is a tarot spread for your Full Moon ritual.

Essential Oils to use for your Full Moon in Virgo Ritual.

Cedarwood: Good for calming insecurities & anxious feelings (ahem… goodbye imposter syndrome).

Grapefruit: Supports judgement on who to let in your life (AKA supports letting negative people leave your path) .

Bergamot: Boosts trust in yourself to make necessary changes.

Eucalyptus: Empowers you to cultivate healthy habits (it’s also great for expansion).

Full Moon in Virgo Affirmations.

“I release what is no longer serving me.”

“I prioritize myself and my self care.”

“I surround myself with positive influences and people.”

“I release all lower vibrational frequencies.”

“I move in alignment with my highest self.”

“I let go of finding fault with myself and others.”

“I release my addiction to perfection.”

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