Crystals for Valentine’s Day

Looking to add some earthly magick to your Valentine’s Day? Want to invite self-love, romance, and sexuality into your home? Crystals are a great tool for manifesting your goals. When you bring a new crystal into your home, don’t forget to sage or cleanse your crystal and tell your crystal how you’d like it to help you. Crystal buying tip: It’s best to buy a crystal in person so you can confirm it was ethically mined along with making sure the crystal is “vibing” with you.

Here are our favorite Valentine’s Day crystals:

In need of a self-love boost?

Rose Quartz is truly the crystal of love. It helps bring peace, healing, self-love, and self-happiness your way. It’s a stone of the heart and its soothing vibes are said to even help heal a broken heart.

Rose Quartz is associated to both the Heart and Throat Chakras. It’s known as the “heart healer” and can aid in a pregnancy thanks to its deep feminine energy.

Bring some Rose Quartz into your home to strengthen your heart.

Ready to spice up your sex life?

Carnelian is going to be your new best friend.

This fiery stone is connected with our Root and Sacral Chakra (connected to our sexual desires and organs).

Ignite passion back into your home; wear on your person to help attract healthy intimate relationships.

It’s great for improving sexual endurance and fertility… hello libido. Wanting to conceive this Valentine’s Day? Bring this crystal into your bedroom.

Image from New Moon Beginnings

Wanting to let go of destructive patterns this Valentine’s Day?

Rhodonite will be your new best friend.

Rhodonite will help you feel more control to prevent destructive habits (around intimacy and sex).

It is also a stone of healing that helps us get in touch with our Heart Chakra. Rhodonite can help our intimate relationships deepen and grow in passion. Bring this stone into your home to help love, softness, and compassion entwine in your sex life in a healing way.

Image from The Psychic Tree

Looking to awaken your inner feminine energy?

Serpentine is a powerful crystal that helps bring back lust in our (sometimes stagnant) lives.

It supports kundalini activation. Kundalini is dormant female energy believed to lie coiled at the base of the spine (like a snake). Bring this crystal home to activate your feminine so you can change your sexual energy at the core.

Are you and your partner explorative? Serpentine is also great for introducing us to tantric sex and can increase our sensitivities to stimulus.

As we mentioned above, crystals work best when we cleanse and talk to them about our intentions. Tell that Rose Quartz you need help with loving yourself. Tell that Carnelian you need help igniting your sex life. Place crystals around your bed, home, or wear them in your clothes (bra, underwear, or pockets). Just make sure to pull those out before you undress before that steamy sex session with your partner (crystals dropping may interrupt your moment, we speak from experience).

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