Celebrating the Summer Solstice

Throughout the ages, almost every agricultural society has celebrated or honored the “high point” of summer, also known as the Summer Solstice. There are many ways to celebrate the Summer Solstice through varying pagan practices. Take for example: Litha, a Celtic holiday (and one of the eight Sabbats). For the Celts, Litha honored the most powerful Celtic goddess, the Queen of Munster, Áine. “Áine was the Celtic equivalent of Aphrodite and Venus and, as is often the case, the festival was ‘christianised’ and continued to be celebrated down the ages.”

If you celebrate the Summer Solstice in Europe, you may have also heard this time referred to as Midsummer (Midsommar). Europeans celebrate this time of year by setting large wheels on fire and rolling them down a hill into water. Ancient Romans also celebrated this time in honor of Juno, the wife of Jupiter and goddess of women and childbirth, and Vesta, the virgin goddess of the hearth, home, and family (usually symbolized with fire). While most modern pagans, incorporate a blend of different practices and rituals for the Summer Solstice, majority of folks incorporate a fire ritual to honor the day.

If you’d like to celebrate Litha/Midsummer, consider a bonfire ritual. Bonfires will help ward off any negativity.

Get outside! Enjoy the sunshine by having an outdoor barbecue/feast or take a dip in some water. Say “goodnight” to the sun and light a bonfire or some sparklers. This Sabbat is a great time for love rituals/magick. You can also celebrate the season by utilizing symbols of light and dark in your Summer Solstice ritual/altar. Celebrate with all your foodie senses and enjoy some strawberry cakes or strawberries with cream! Make a flower crown and incorporate other colorful elements to your day (through dress or decor).

What to add to your Litha/Midsummer Altar:

Utilize symbols of light and dark in your Summer Solstice ritual/altar. Add some snake skin or ethically sourced honey. Don’t forget to incorporate some seasonal flowers (sunflowers, daisy, chamomile, etc.) and perhaps add a small mirror (to reflect the sun). Burn some incense or herbs like Myrrh, Frankincense, sage, or lavender. Place images or statues of goddesses like Áine, Hestia, Vesta, or Freya to your altar.

Crystals for the Summer Solstice/Litha/Midsummer:

  • Citrine | Manifests your dreams and welcomes in abundance
  • Tiger’s Eye | Protection and good luck
  • Jasper | Tranquility and absorbs negative energies
  • Amber | Fuels the fire within and provides healing energy

Looking to learn more about pagan holidays or Wiccan Sabbats? Read our blog on the Wheel of the Year and what to celebrate for the remainder of the year.

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