Beltane: A Sabbat to Celebrate

Are you interested in honoring the upcoming Sabbat, Beltane? It is one of the eight sabbats celebrated in the pagan calendar. This Sabbat lands on May 1st this year and falls halfway between the Spring Equinox (AKA Ostara) and the upcoming Summer Solstice (Litha). This fire festival celebrates Spring at its peak and the coming of summer (or the fertility of the year). Beltane is also commonly known as May Day in Europe.

You may have seen the Sabbat commemorated with maypoles, bonfires, dancing, or fertility rituals. The word Beltane comes from the Celtic word that means “fires of Bel;” Bel, short for Belenus, a sun deity). Traditionally, the Celts would light 2 bonfires to purify themselves and boost fertility. Between the fires, they would also pass their cattle (to also help their herd flourish and reproduce).

If you’d like to honor the Sabbat, there are many ways to do so! First, you can enjoy a bonfire (and dance around it) or even create your own maypole (if you REALLY want to go all out). Create flower crowns or weave flowers into your hair. You can also prepare a “May basket” with “flowers and goodwill” and gift to someone in need of care, a little extra love, or maybe someone in your life who just needs a reminder that they are special to you.

Decorate an Altar for Beltane

If you’re looking for items to adorn your home or altar, think about adding pops of color like greens or bright colors like yellows, purples, or blues. Add seasonal flowers to the honor the fertility of the year. Honor male fertility by adding elements for Belenus with antlers, sticks, or seeds. Bring space for the goddess’ fertile womb by adding a goddess statue, cauldron, or cup. If you have a green thumb, you can even add gardening to your plans for the day!

Into faeries? Beltane is considered, in some cultures, to be sacred to the “Fae.” If this is something that interests you, you can leave offerings of honey cakes and milk on your altar for your little helpers. General offerings to the god and goddess of honey, oats, and milk are also a great idea! Feel free to add some seasonal fruit as well like cherries, mangoes, apricots, or strawberries.

Crystals for Beltane

Are you a crystal lover? If you’re wanting to make a crystal grid or adorn your altar with crystals for Beltane, here are the crystals we recommend:

Aventurine | fertility, growth & positivity

Emerald | passion, heart chakra, unconditional love

Rose Quartz | love & healing

Carnelian | passion, sex, kundalini energy

Sunstone | good luck & vitality

Fire Agate | grounding, energizes, boosts libido

Looking to learn more about the Wiccan Sabbats? Read our blog on the Wheel of the Year and what to celebrate in 2021.

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