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We offer tarot and card readings along with spiritual guidance for the change-seeker in need of navigation. Gain clarity to continue on your empowered & enlightened path.

Our Services

Card Readings

We pull from our favorite decks and provide a reading to help guide you on your journey, or provide clarity on a particular topic. Our card layouts vary by client and subject matter. We offer 3 to 6 card readings for 30 minutes and 7+ card readings for hour long sessions.

Spiritual Guidance

Looking for a place to start when it comes to discovering your spiritual path? Looking for resources to help add to your practice? In our spiritual guidance sessions, we sit down with you one-on-one for 30 minutes to an hour to provide our professional advice and intuitive insight.

Candle Magick

Light up your intentions and manifest with candles. We’ll provide you with a personalized candle kit that correlates to your specific desired goals. We’ll also provide any herbs or oils to dress your candles along with instructions of how to implement candle magick in your practice or day-to-day.

Intention Rituals

Looking for a customized spell jar kit to help you physically manifest your goals? Needing inspiration or tools for a fire or cacao ceremony? Looking for a custom-designed sigil that is created for your specific desires? We will provide you with all the tools you need to get your intention ritual going and your manifesting started.

"Tarot tells the truth we dare not tell ourselves."

Gain clarity & insight into all areas of your life.

Career & Money

Love & Relationships

Daily or Monthly Guidance

Life Goals

General Life Path

"Julia read my tarot and, while I'm still basking in that, I just want to recommend her for your spiritual needs. It is a nice reminder that the kick in the ass I've been giving myself seems to be the right direction. The cards don't lie. I went in wanting one thing and came out with it addressing something that had been on my mind and troubling me for so long." - Hannah S.

Frequently asked questions...

What can I expect during my card reading?

During a tarot reading, we pull cards from one of our personal decks to help guide you through life’s many stressful situations. We personalize each reading based on your specific needs. Our card layouts vary by client and subject matter. We typically offer 3 to 6 card pull for 30 minute sessions; and 7+ card pull for hour long sessions. After the card pulling, we give a detail oriented explanation of each card, and offer clarity on your topic based on the overall outcome of the reading. All of our sessions are confidential.

What can I ask in my reading?

At the beginning of each reading, we will have a discussion about what you hope to focus on during your session. You are welcome to ask a focus question, seek clarity on a certain situation, or can opt for a general life reading.  Many clients choose to ask for general readings, as they cover more ground, but you are welcome to focus on a specific path of your journey, such as love and relationships, career and money goals, family, or how to navigate difficult situations. Ultimately, we offer a discreet and judgement free zone where you can feel confident talking about any topic.

Does tarot predict the future?

Tarot cards are simply tools used to offer spiritual guidance and clarity on your path. The cards cannot “predict” the future, but can highlight what may come to fruition if you continue on your current path as well as what you may need to change to achieve your goals. We ultimately hold the power to change our own destiny (hence our free will), but we believe that card readings unveil the divine truth that one’s soul may already know, but the mind sometimes will not let one hear.

How can a spiritual guidance session benefit me?

Are you just starting to explore your spirituality? Are you needing guidance when it comes to practicing magick in your everyday? Do you have questions about different practices, what things mean, or how to implement intentions in your everyday? In our spiritual guidance sessions, we have a confidential 30-minute or 1-hour session with you where we answer any questions and provide guidance for your spiritual path. This is an opportunity to explore your own path, as we are all on different course. What is right for one is not for another. Guidance helps you gain confidence in your practice or with issues you may be faces.

How does a spell jar work?

Spells jar work similarly to manifestation. It is a physical piece that reminds us of our intentions and goals. Whether you are looking for support with self-love, building confidence, boosting finances, etc., there is a spell jar out there waiting to help amplify your manifesting. We provide all the tools you need for your spell jar and send them your way to complete your intention. We combine ethically-sourced herbs, crystals, candles, custom sigils, and more when personalizing your spell jar kit. Leave your spell jar on your altar or somewhere you pass regularly to remind yourself of your goal.

Should I be scared about exploring new practices?

Here at Twin Oracle, we believe that tapping into the metaphysical world with new rituals and practices can help guide you towards a clearer understanding. We guide our clients through love and light, only welcoming in positive energy during our readings, guidance, or general practices. These readings and practices are nothing like what you see in film. There are no "scary" cards; the cards prepare us for what is ahead so we can make the right choices and feel empowered during our journey of life. Don’t forget, at the end of the day these spiritual practices can be great reminders of the intentions we have set in our lives and can keep us grounded on a steady path towards achieving our goals.

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Disclosure Statement: A card reading professional cannot predict the future with certainty and you should not rely on a tarot reading to make any decision that would affect your legal, financial, or medical condition. If your inquiry involves the law, finances or medicine, then you should seek the advice of a licensed qualified professional. We are not responsible for what you do with the information you receive in a reading. Readings are only for adults 18 and over. No refunds.